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What we're thinking about:
What you think about changes what you do. We at Petersen and Associates think a lot. Lately the following things have been on our mind:
​Brain and Body. 
We are reading a lot about neuroscience, and how the body thinks on its own. The brain and its survival programming often lead us far from the things we most need in our lives. We also recognize that through new technology and thinking we have learned more about our brains in the last ten years than has ever been known before. This is changing the way we think about ourselves and helps us to understand how we need to sometimes outthink our own brains.
We are all linked to each other, the planet and the universe through a series of interconnected systems. Here at Petersen and associates we are thinking a lot about natural organic systems that are created from outside the human mind. We give a  lot of consideration to these naturally emerging linked systems  as models for our organizations and communities. We are finding that they work a lot better than the closed man made mechanistic systems that drive many of our organizations.
​Creativity Chaos Order and Emergence
We believe that creativity is our greatest gift and our greatest power. We think that creativity happens at the edge of chaos where order emerges from incoherence. In fact, we really don't believe in chaos as much as we believe in undiscovered order. How to inhabit the creative space where order is born is something we have been giving a lot of thought to lately.
We think that the process we use (how we do something) is just as important, if not more so, than what it is we choose to do. We spend a lot of time thinking about and designing processes that deliver intended results.  Sometimes we think at Petersen and Associates that this is the core of what we really do. Help people get the right process for the right outcome.