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About Petersen and Associates
Petersen and Associates has been delivering organizational improvement services since the early nineties and in the past few years we have been struggling with the same challenges that face us all.  We have been working on it though, and thinking about it a lot and we have found ways to grow our business, and improve our services and outcomes, while running as lean an organization as possible.  

We understand the process of "rethinking" how we work and how we succeed. We have a clear understanding of the "softer skills" associated with communication, relationship building and leadership. Presented in the right context theses skills become transformational. We would like to share our efforts with you and offer you the same relief we have experienced for ourselves. 

We have no miracle cures, and there is nothing easy about what we are offering, but we do understand how to improve our organizations our communities and our lives in ways that make a difference.  Let us inspire you and your team.