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Beyond the Multi-Generation Work Force – It’s way more than when you were Born. 
Focus is on the uniqueness of each individual in the work place and how to identify and nurture the unique talents and gifts that each person brings to the table. In depth discussion on Multi-Generational characteristics but also discussion of individual styles.
We Speak to What Matters
At Petersen and Associates we Speak to What Matters. What we mean by this is that we have developed, with our clients a series of organizational learning projects which have proven to matter. We can provide presentations, keynotes, or trainings based on the following  topic areas:

Emotional Intelligence in the Work Place
Focus is on the understanding and application of “EQ” in the work place and how to improve communication and collaboration among all team members and employees.
Your-Learning Edge is Your Leading Edge
Focus is on innovation and creativity and how becoming a learning leader that moves from stability to the edge of innovation supports the growth and development of teams and organizations in a time of uncertainty.
Creative Problem Solving – You can’t do more with less, but you can do things differently
Focus on approaching problems in a different and more creative way than we normally do, examines creativity and associated neuroscience and provides several models for creative problem solving.

We can also work  with you to custom design presentations, speeches and trainings on topics you believe are important.